I spent the first four years of my career as an Art Director at TBWA Melbourne. I worked on Pedigree, Nissan, ANZ, RAVC, Tourism Tasmania and STIHL. I was sent on international assignments to TBWA Singapore and TBWA Chiat Day Los Angeles. 


I learned how to think big. How to disrupt the market. To think of global ideas. I learned what the rules were and how to break them.


The next four and a half years I worked at Big Red as a Senior Art Director and a Creative Group Head where I worked primarily on Target, Optus, Coles and Jetstar.


I learned to think quickly and be resourceful. How to direct Usain Bolt. I learned about the science behind retaining information and how to be effective. How to be a leader.


The next year and a half I worked as a Creative Director at Tuckshop, a branding agency, to develop advertising work for their range of clients including Mayver's and Table of Plenty.


I learned to respect the craft of design. How to maximize small budgets and get the little guy noticed. How to sell ideas. How to create effective advertising that looks stunning.


I believe my role is beyond making advertising, it is about building trusted relationships with clients and strategically solving their business problems. I am results focused and always think beyond the brief. 


I now freelance both with agencies and directly with brands through my own agency makemate.com.au


I have a Degree in Communication (Advertising Creative) and a Diploma in Marketing at RMIT University Melbourne. I was top of my class and was awarded RMIT Art Director prize which entitled me a full-time internship at CHE Melbourne.

I joined the Youngbloods Committee shortly after, where I ran numerous speaker events, charity fundraisers and an art gallery event that exposed emerging young artists to the advertising world. I noticed young people were not being represented on the Gruen Transfer, so I invited myself on to the show and at 22 was the youngest person to win the Gruen Transfer pitch segment.


It was on the Youngbloods Committee where I met my wonderful husband and together we have co-founded an award-winning furniture company called Nice For Nice and a son named Arthur.


Amelia Micallef / 0401979979 / gday@amelia.com.au

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