One billion people are illiterate. This is 18% if the worlds adult population. 

The fact they are illiterate means they will live in more desperate poverty with poorer health than someone who can read and write. Sadly so will their children and their children's children.

This cycle can be changed with education. UNICEF's global literacy campaign are tackling the problem, but with further awareness and funding means they can expand their campaign.

Introducing Handwriting for Humanity. Its an idea that is based on one simple and compelling concept: asking people who can write to help those who can't.

We ask people across the world to write the alphabet. All of the responses will be combined, using the mean of each letterform. The result is a new typeface called ‘The Human Font’.

The new typeface will be truly unique, representing the handwriting of thousands of people around the world. The campaign would generate mass PR intrest about illiteracy and gain funds by selling the font to companies, organisations and individuals.

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